Claire finds Clarity 

"Claire’s mother had been calling more and more often, forgetting when appointments were scheduled, where she parked her car, if she had taken her medications or not. Claire had been taking on more and more tasks for her mom. Claire finally got up the courage to ask the doctor about the changes she had been seeing in her mom. The results came back that Claire’s mother had Alzheimer’s disease.

Claire felt overwhelmed, and unprepared for the level of responsibility she now had to see to her mother’s care. How would she help her mother navigate this disease and the changes in her life? Could she afford to quit her job to become her caregiver? How would she help dad understand and cope with the loss? Where could she find help?

That is when Claire decided to hire, Sound Options, a Geriatric Care Management firm in the Puget Sound. A Nurse Care Manager came out and completed an unbiased assessment of Claire’s mother and her home environment and created a plan of care that would allow her to safely stay in her home and receive appropriate care. The nurse sat down with Claire and answered her questions about the disease, what to expect, and what she should be doing next." 

Maintaining Indepedence

"Mom was healthy but living alone. It was hard on her and on me because I couldn't be there all the time. We both wanted her to keep her independence but be safe as well. Our Sound Options In-Home Caregiver gives Mom the personal attention she needs, helps with the housekeeping, shopping and even takes her to concerts, which are her favorite thing to do. Their service completely supports Mom's independence. She's happier now than she has been in years. I have the peace of mind I needed and no longer feel guilty that I can't be there every day. Now when mom and I are together we do something fun, rather than just spend our time getting things done around the house."

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