What to Expect: The Process of Starting Services

When you call Sound Options, we believe you should get real people to provide real help in real time, which is why we have staff to answer your call 24-hours a day.

1. When looking at Home Care and Care Management services with Sound Options, you’ll begin by speaking to our Client Liaison who will answer your pressing questions and help you decide what customized options are right for your unique situation. The Client Liaison will walk you through every step of starting services and is available to answer any questions about our services, fees, or service agreement.  

2. To start services, you will simply sign our service agreement along with our client consent form. Once the service agreement is signed, all services begin with a professional unbiased assessment of the client and their home to gauge the level of care and safety needed to support a high quality of life.  Family is welcome to be present and ask questions. A plan of care is created for each individual receiving care which is comprised of tasks needed for each shift as well as medications and conditions that are pertinent to care. In Washington State, the law requires that a current signed plan of care be in the home at all times when receiving home care services. During an assessment, you will be further oriented to our services, who to contact, and what to expect.

3. For those seeking Home Care services, the Staffing Coordinator will then follow up with the client/family to coordinate a caregiver to come to the home. We seek to find caregivers that are a good match and really connect with each of our clients. If the first caregiver you receive isn’t clicking with your loved one for any reason, you are welcome to request a different caregiver. To ensure continuity of care, we recommend that our clients build a relationship with a couple of caregivers to allow for backup care during holidays and time off.  

As an added value for every new client, we send our Caregiver Liaison along with the caregiver to the home during the first shift. The Caregiver Liaison is a highly experienced lead caregiver who will assist in training the caregiver on any unique requests from each client from meal preferences, to hobby support, to pet orientation. This layer of customization is added to an existing foundation of nursing assistant training and professionalism.  

What is Nurse Delegation?

Many home care agencies are limited in the care they can provide; however, Sound Options provides an RN Nurse Delegator that is able to “delegate” our caregivers. This expands our level of service so we can deliver a higher level of care for a wide range of complex needs including chronic disease management and end-of-life care.  

The State of Washington requires that a registered nurse train and oversee certain care tasks completed by caregivers within the home. This is referred to as “delegation”. As a guideline, if a client is able to apply or ingest something in their body themselves with assistance then delegation is not required. If the client is unable to apply or ingest something on their own then delegation is required.


No Delegation Required Nurse Delegation Required
Medication Reminders Administering medications in pills or creams
Diabetes and Food Management Giving Insulin Shots/ Blood Draws
Maintaining Necessary Medical Supplies Administering Eye Drops
Assistance Toileting Catheter Care
Meal Preparation and Feeding Assistance Feeding Tube Care
Assistance Bathing and Dressing Wound Care


If your loved one has a need that requires nurse delegation, our RN Nurse Delegator will meet with the caregiver to provide the proper training and documentation required by Washington State. If you have any questions regarding nurse delegation and applying rates, we are always available to answer your questions and help navigate the steep learning curve of elder care.

Client Privacy 

Your privacy is important to us and we want you to fully understand your rights and choices. Click on the link to view our Privacy Policy and understand how medical information is used in the service of your care and our responsibilities.   


WA State Home Care Laws- Impacts in the Home 


Part of being a good healthcare consumer, for you and your loved one, is knowing the laws that impact and shape in-home care in Washington State.

Your trust is invaluable to us. Our goal is to be transparent and thorough as we inform you of your options so you know what to expect on your bill. Click on the document to the left to view the distinctions between hourly and live-in care and the WA State regulations that we are legally obligated to abide by when paying and billing for in-home care services. 

Sound Options is a licensed and bonded home care agency.